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A Natural Remedy For Low Libido

A Natural Remedy For Low Libido

Having a low libido can really impede on people’s confidence. They often feel they are broken, getting “old”, or that something is wrong with them. While their sex life was once healthy, it now seems the exact opposite. It can impact their self esteem as well as their partner’s.

It is said that about 25% of women who are in a reproductive age and 50% of women who are post menopausal are dealing with low libido issues.

Men can also suffer from low libido issues. It is estimated that around 14% of men between the ages of 18 and 29 have experienced low libido and 17% of men ages 50-59 experienced it.

So just know, you are NOT alone and there are many methods and practices that can help you with this!

We will let you know about one of them. ;)

Peruvian Maca for Low Libido

Ever think one of the answers to your solution could be something that is…

- Grown in Peru
- A cruciferous vegetable with adaptogenic effects
- Grown at 14,000 feet                                                                                         

- Gelatinized
- Something you can take as a capsule or throw into basically… anything?

Peruvian, gelatinized Maca. This has been used for thousands of years to help with low libido.

Let’s first talk about the studies, because you best believe there is research to back this up!

Maca studies and sexual health

1. There was a 2002 study that showed that maca can increase sexual desire in men.

2. There was a study done in 2008 that showed maca could help sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women.

3. A 2015 double-blind clinical study set out to determine if maca could help restore sexual function in women taking certain medication. The study had remarkable results warranting additional follow-up studies.

4. A 2001 study showed it could help improve semen quality in men.

5. A 2006 study showed maca could improve semen quality in rats.

Why maca for low libido?

It seems that maca (even just one teaspoon or two capsules a day) can support in lowering blood pressure, easing anxiety, boosting energy, and improving the mood. All things that can affect sexual health!

For thousands of years, Peruvians have recognized maca as an aphrodisiac. Meaning they look at it as something that helps increase sex drive. While there needs to be more studies, there are many Practitioners that believe maca has greatly helped their patients who suffer from low sexual desire.

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