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Sacred Spirit - Karen Berrios in VueZ Magazine

Come into the hidden places of my heart and fill me with pure thoughts. May there never be a shadow of darkness between us and never...[Read more]



Meet Karen Berrios | Cancer Thriver - Karen berrios in SHOUTOUT LA

We had the good fortune of connecting with Karen Berrios and we’ve shared our conversation below...[Read more]



Karen Berrios: "My cancer diagnosis was an invitation to live again"

Cuando hablamos con Karen Berrios nos encontramos con una persona amable y cariñosa, quien dedica su vida a fomentar hábitos saludables, con el objetivo de ayudar... [Read more]



Peace in the midst - Karen Berrios in VueZ Magazine

Come out of hiding for the lighthouse of your race will illuminate... [Read more]



Inspiration Karen Berrios in VueZ Magazine

Cancer is commonly known to snatch the life out of people, yet cancer gave me an invitation to live... [Read more]



Karen Berrios' Interview with Voyage LA Magazine!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Karen Berrios.

Karen, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My name is Karen Berrios, founder, and creator of Kareliz Wellness, a company inspired to spread health by promoting nutrient-dense foods and supplements to help people thrive on their wellness journey.

In 2014 my life radically changed as I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. An amazing invitation was given to me, to embark on a healing journey and bring order to my body, mind... [Read more]



The Truth About Cancer - Interview with Karen Berrios

TTAC - A Global Quest 2015 - Transcript of Interview with Karen and Al Berrios

Ty: I’m sitting here with Karen and Al Berrios. Thank you for joining... [Read more]