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We pay for shipping on orders over $49

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Sweet Keto Bundle

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Not all "natural" sweeteners which are been sold on the market really are, starting with their production to their composition with other chemical ingredients. That´s why we offer our new sweet Peruvian superfoods made of natural yacon root, which has also, lots of magnificent health benefits that make it your ally in your day-to-day life; and additionally keto-friendly, due to the high quantity of fiber, low calories, and carbs.

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Our keto sweet bundle includes:
Organic yacon syrup: Natural sweetener made of 100% organic yacon tuber, rich in fructose, mainly inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). These components are capable of supporting gastric juices, helping to regulate blood sugar, providing a low caloric content, and performing similar functions to dietary fibers, which are considered prebiotic food. You can add it in juices, smoothies, hot drinks, spread it on pancakes, waffles, fruits, desserts, or use it in more complex culinary preparations. It's up to you!

Organic criollo cacao nibs sweeteners with yacon syrup::Cacao fruit (yes, cacao is a fruit!) is rich in magnesium and potassium. Two minerals that are heavily involved in many bodily processes and are now sweetened with yacon syrup for those moments when you have a sweet craving without feeling guilty. Two amazing superfoods mixed in one!

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