We pay for shipping on orders over $49

We pay for shipping on orders over $49

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Hi! I'm Karen Berrios,

the Founder of the world’s cleanest Peruvian superfood brand. I am so excited for you to experience it. I leaned on Peruvian superfoods when I went through a serious health scare that lasted years. I channeled my energy into writing research articles and prayers on my blog. I’d write about my journey and shared all of my tips and tricks to lead the healthiest life possible. I believe in sheer positivity, science, and our ability to heal. After eventually launching my superfoods (which took years! I have personal relationships with every farm we source from) it has a big focus of mine to reach the Spanish population, as I know this demographic is often overlooked when it comes to health and wellness.


“Peru is my birth country and although the US is home now I am truly blessed to have my Peruvian roots and be able to share their healing properties with the world.”

What I want you to know is that here at Shop KB, we are value-driven. Sourcing a superior product is number one. We have a fine-tuned focus on working with organic farms that carry out sustainable and ethical practices and give love and intention to their soil and growing techniques. We are dialed in with even the smallest of details. Our Camu Camu is raw and highly bioavailable. Our Maca is gelatinized (instead of raw, which most brands carry) because we know it is 4X more nutrient-dense and easy for the body to use and absorb that way. Our criollo cacao is the richest, most luxurious cacao you will ever come across and our chia seeds and lucuma will make your baking and cooking come alive. I promise, my superfoods are so versatile and packed with life-giving vitamins and minerals. We are Peru founded and have believed in these products for our entire life. Bringing them to the USA is a joy!