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Peace & Hope International is a human rights organization, inspired by Christian principles and values, born in Peru in 1996. Also known as Paz y Esperanza which has now become a fellowship of independent organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil with sister organizations in the United States of America and United Kingdom. Paz y Esperanza works alongside individuals, families, and communities in poverty so that they can live with dignity, free from violence and injustice. Join us and become a freedom partner by purchasing one or more of our Peruvian Superfoods products.

How it works

For every Peruvian Superfood sale, $1.00 is donated to "Peace & Hope" to support Freedom from violence and injustice. Together we can help to set them free! Learn more about Peace & Hope here

“Join us and be part of the change”

How do they help?

Peace and Hope works alongside the poor in Peru, so they may be free of different forms of violence and injustice. Violence and injustice is a very serious and real issue in many societies around the world. In order to effectively confront the different types of violence and other expressions of injustice against vulnerable people and communities, Paz y Esperanza advocates by implementing what they call a "circle of justice" which is rooted in three principles: Prevention, Intervention & Reform.

Paz y Esperanza promotes democratic institutions and the exercise of populations rights in situations of vulnerability, through personal and group development workshops, citizen participation, advocacy in public policies and generation of opportunities in the Amazon, Andean and Coast regions of Peru.

Paz y Esperanza serves children and women who are victims of violence, indigenous people, communities in situations of extreme poverty, migrants, unjustly incarcerated, people with disabilities, families, and communities whose rights have been or are threatened by the actions of civilians, government authorities, or groups with power.

When Karen Berrios visited Paz y Esperanza?

Ever since I became a Christian, it had been my calling to seek justice and partner with those that share the same vision. My justice journey started in my local church justice ministry where I learned a great deal about the cruel reality of human trafficking which today is known to be a 32 billion dollar business worldwide. I learned about Paz y Esperanza through a book written by Gary Haugen founder of IJM International Justice Mission. Mr. Haugen shared his visit to Peru and his working experience with Paz y Esperanza. As a native Peruvian, reading this brought much joy to my heart and I quickly reached out to them to learn more. In the summer of 2015, a pastor from my church and I decided to visit and learn more about their work to possibly partner with them. It was an amazing experience and pastor Andrea and I got to experience up close the beautiful work this amazing organization offers to people in need of justice. We even visited their shelter in Huanuco Peru where they house minors that have endured sexual violence. Their dedication and heart driven discipline was palpable, a true reflection of Jesus' love.

Today, I am encouraged to share my journey with them by supporting them financially through this channel and I invite you to partner with me and be part of the change. I thank you in advance for your support and making a difference in this fight for justice among those in need.

In my last visit to Lima Peru in December 2018 I was able to meet and interview with Mr. Alfonso Wieland, Senior Advisor for Paz y Esperanza. To learn more about their remarkable work please visit them at http://peaceandhopeinternational.org/ or http://www.pazyesperanza.org/pe/