We pay for shipping on orders over $49

We pay for shipping on orders over $49

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About Karen

Borne of a personal medical need, an amazing invitation was given to me, to embark into a restorative journey and bring order to my body, mind and soul.

Early in my journey I changed my eating habits and implemented superfoods into my diet to pack myself with nutrition, boost my immune system and nourish my body to help me restore and rebuild from within.

Superfoods are a powerful source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and as a Peruvian native I decided to offer them to you. I sincerely hope you find these potent superfoods as delicious and health-giving as I do.

Our mission

Karen Berrios’ mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle by connecting people with high quality nutritional supplements and real food. We believe that combining nature with science will deliver ideal solutions to achieve optimal health. My products are of the highest quality, sourced directly from farmers in accordance with fair and sustainable trade practices.

Setting Quality Standards

Karen Berrios founded Kareliz Wellness on the premise that clean, therapeutic grade formulations should be the model for nutritional supplements. Bearing the standard of purity and performance our philosophy stands on promoting health and well-being.

Our products are produced under a strict quality management system in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s).