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This recipe is romantic (fruit and chocolate anyone?), healthy, and incredibly easy to make. In fact, it only involves three ingredients! Four, if you count water!

Beyond just the cacao nutrients, this nice-cream is loaded with other benefits. Specifically, more polyphenols and antioxidants due to the strawberries.

This dessert promotes cognitive function, heart health, decreasing inflammation, and gives you an extra boost of fiber and Vitamin C. What is not to love? It's so rich in flavor, too.


8 oz of whole, frozen strawberries

2-4 oz of water (depending on how thick you want this)

1 splash of pure maple syrup (for added sweetness, this is optional)

1 tablespoon of Karen Berrios Cacao Powder (high quality is best!)

Optional: Top with Karen Berrios Cacao Nibs


Put the strawberries into the blender, add water (start lower and see if you need more- this also has to do with your blender), add the cacao powder and blend. Don't blend too much otherwise it will be more like a thick smoothie and less like actual ice cream. It's beautiful (and nutritiously beneficial) to top with cacao nibs! 


Courtesy of Katey Yurko @thevioletfog

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