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Potato and apple salad

Potato and apple salad

-4 white potatoes, diced and cooked
-2 green apples cut into cubes
-4 tbsp mayonnaise1 tsp of salt black pepper
-1/3 cup golden berry
2 chia tblsp

1. First, we are going to peel and wash the potatoes. We put them in a pot with water and cook them until they are tender, but they do not fall apart. Depending on the size of the potatoes, they will be ready in 20-30 minutes.
2. Then, we cut into not very large squares and add a little salt. Peel the apples, core them , and cut them in the same way as the potatoes, making the squares more or less the same size
3. Third, add mayonnaise, salt, pepper, girl, bacon and golden berry. Enjoy this delicious salad

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