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Keto Quesadillas With Chia Seeds Tortillas

Keto Quesadillas With Chia Seeds Tortillas

- 1 cup (170 gr) Karen Berrios Chia Seeds
- 1 cup (90 gr) almond flour
- 1 cup (145 gr) flaxseed flour
- 1 tsp. (5 gr) salt
- 1 tsp. (5 gr) pepper
- 1 tsp. (5 gr) oregano powder
- 1 tsp. (5 gr) garlic powder
- 1 cup (440 ml) water (warm)
- 1 tbsp. Olive oil

- 1 cup (200 gr) vegan mozzarella cheese
- 1 carrot (julienne)
- 1 red pepper (julienne)
- 3 celery sticks (julienne)
- 1 avocado (slices)
- Lettuce (leafs)
- 1 cup (100 gr) hummus (optional)


Cooking instructions:
1. In a food processor, blend the chia seeds to create a very fine flour.
2. In a medium mixing bowl, add the chia seeds flour, almond flour, flaxseed flour and the spices. Finally, add the warm water, olive oil and knead with your hand.
3. Squish the dough with your fingers and knead energetically. Form a dough ball, it should not be sticky.
4. Cut the dough into 8 even pieces
5. Prepare two 30x30 cm of greased paper. Spray some oil on both pieces.
6. Place the dough balls onto a piece of oiled greased paper, place the other piece of greased paper on top and press the ball with your hand palm.
7. Roll with a rolling pin until flat but not too thin
8. Use a cake ring to cut your tortillas.
9. Warm your frying pan under high heat and put the tortilla into the hot pan. Reduce to medium heat and cook for 1-2 minutes. Flip over the tortilla and cook for about 1 extra minute.
10. Fill your tortilla with the quesadilla ingredients and cover with another one. Warm in the frying pan until the cheese is melted.
11. Enjoy this fast recipe as a breakfast or lunch!

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