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Maddie's Chia pudding

Maddie's Chia pudding

-1 can coconut milk (or ~2 cups of creamy non-dairy liquid)
~3 tbsp water
~1-3 tbsp sweetener (I like 1/2 tsp 100% pure monkfruit for no-sugar)
-1/2 cup chia seeds
~1/2 tsp blue spirulina 

Optional (I like to add):
-1 tsp lucuma @shopkarenberrios 
-Pinch of sea salt
~1 tsp vanilla

-Add everything to the blender & blend for 1-2 min. until well incorporated & starting to thicken. Pour into glass container and let sit (mixing occasionally) for 15-30 min until pudding-like. *You don’t have to blend, but I like to!*

**(if you’re not using a blender & just making regular chia pudding, add all ingredients other than chia seeds into a large glass bowl, mix well, and then add in chia seeds & mix intermittently over the course of 15-30 min. You can also mix w/ an immersion blender)

TOP W/ berries/nuts/seeds/coconut flakes, nut butter drizzle, etc.


Courtesy to: madd.healthy

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