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Why Peruvian Superfoods Are Great For Gut Health

Why Peruvian Superfoods Are Great For Gut Health

Peruvian superfoods. Great for so many things. Like really, the list is long. But one of the most appealing to people is how amazing Peruvian superfoods can be for the gut.

Gut health matters. And Peruvian superfoods can help you in your mission to achieve great gut health, or maintain it.

Let’s dive into why!

Many Peruvian Superfoods Act As Prebiotics

Prebiotics are the food for this beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates. Prebiotics feed probiotics (aka beneficial bacteria.) They help make conditions in the gut tolerable for probiotics to survive. They add to our FIBER intake- which also helps our digestion and keeps us regular. (Source)

Take Camu Camu for example, the prebiotic effects of Camu Camu are starting to be more and more recognized by the medical community.

Another Peruvian superfood that is packed with prebiotics are chia seeds. 

The Natural Vitamin C in Peruvian Superfoods is High

Vitamin C helps strengthen our immune system, and guess what? Most of our immune system lives IN the gut! 

Peruvian superfoods, by their Vitamin C content alone, could be considered super. Natural Vitamin C is more bioavailable for our body and our body can use it more efficiently than synthetic!

Vitamin C has been shown to help with ulcers (which happen in the stomach)- this study was done in combination with zinc and arginine. Another study was done on 20 individuals with pressure sores and those who were intaking a Vitamin C experienced support in quicker tissue repair.  

Camu Camu, to scale, has more vitamin C than any food on the planet! Another great one to check out is Lucuma.

Peruvian Superfoods Provide Fiber

One of the coolest things about Peruvian superfoods is that many of them that we use as “sweeteners” are better for people because they are less likely to spike blood sugar. They contain fiber. Most sweeteners on the market do not contain fiber!

Getting in our daily fiber is important for the functioning of our digestive system and helping to promote gut health. Fiber also helps us feel fuller longer and the reason why it helps keep our blood sugar levels in check is because fiber slows the rate of which sugar is absorbed into the blood.

Maca has fiber. Chia seeds have fiber. Cacao has fiber. Lucuma has fiber.

For this example, let’s look at Lucuma: The great thing about Lucuma is that it is packed with both insoluble and soluble fiber. (One serving packs 2 grams of fiber!) Insoluble fiber is linked to your digestive system. It helps bulk up stools so that it passes more smoothly through your system. Soluble fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut. This, in turn, produces beneficial short-chain fatty acids.

1 tablespoon of Lucuma a day is enough to reap the benefits. Pair it with Maca and chia seeds… well then you are really just showing off!

You Get In A Lot Of Antioxidants With Peruvian Superfoods

Did you know antioxidants aren’t just good for longevity and the immune system? They are wonderful for gut health!

Antioxidants are one, super good for the lining of the gut. They help control inflammation and therefore protect the cells lining of the gut. They can also support the gut in growing and maintaining healthy bacteria. (SourceSourceThis is the beauty of Peruvian superfoods, they are loaded with all kinds of antioxidants. Yes, ALL of them.

Let’s use Maca as an example: A March 2018 study shows the protective, antioxidant properties maca has. In the study, stallion semen is treated with maca root to reduce the damage of oxidative stress during cooling and transport. The results showed the integrity of the semen to decline more slowly in those treated with maca.  A 2016 study involving middle-aged mice showed that aging mice experienced less loss of cognitive abilities as they aged when they were administered maca on a daily basis. And guess where the controller of our minds is mainly located? In the gut! It’s our second brain!

Also, and this one surprises people, criollo cacao has 40X more antioxidants than blueberries! Something so decadent can be so good for you.

Peruvian Superfoods Can Support In Lowering Inflammation

There is often a lot of inflammation in the gut. Many factors may affect inflammation and your diet is most certainly one of them. It is known that certain foods can exacerbate chronic inflammation. And certain foods can lower it.

Chia seeds are helpful in supporting to lower inflammation because they are high in Omega 3s, which are anti inflammatory. They are specifically high in ALA Omega 3s. They also contain something called Caffeic acid, which is a certain antioxidant which can also help lower inflammation.

Camu Camu is also good for lowering inflammation. The pulp contains ellagic acid which is another antioxidant that also helps to slow down the production of certain inflammatory markers. 

Beneficial Gut Health Meals That Incorporate Peruvian Superfoods

Now that you know how great these foods are for gut health (and there are many more reasons!) We want to provide you with TEN specific ways you could incorporate these into your diet.

1. A gut-friendly coffee in the morning. Adding lucuma, maca, and cacao!
2. Adding in chia seeds to an overnight yogurt or oats bowl
3. Adding camu camu into your homemade dressings

  1. Baking with lucuma instead of table sugar
    5. Adding all of the superfoods into a smoothie (they all go well together when mixed into a smoothie)
  2. Using Maca as a seasoning for cooked vegetables
    7. Throwing in some camu camu or lucuma powder into your fresh juices and blending
    8. Using chia seeds and lucuma when you make bread
    9. Swapping your cocoa powder for cacao
    10. In soups! 
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