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Top 5 Peruvian Superfood picks for kids?

Top 5 Peruvian Superfood picks for kids?

Children's health is a very important issue that all parents take into account when choosing foods for their diet, which must be complete and packed with the necessary nutrients for their correct physical and mental development.

Fortunately for many, this is not a problem, as there are many natural and highly nutritious superfoods that can promote the well-being of children and support their optimal growth.

In this article we will show you the top 5 Peruvian superfoods for kids, and that you can even include in the diet of the whole family. The benefits are simply incredible!


Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit that is grown in the Andean valleys of the mountains. It has a sweet aroma and flavor, very similar to vanilla.

This superfood is recommended for its high content of beta-carotene -which boosts the immune system-, and its large amounts of niacin, -an organic compound that helps eliminate toxins from the body, promotes the reduction of triglycerides and cholesterol. 

Lucuma is rich in iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is a highly energetic food that provides vitality and it’s also great for the skin’s longevity. Actually, studies show that the use of lucuma oil promotes wound healing.

Lucuma powder can be used in children's diets, especially for baked goods, smoothies, ice creams and sweets. They will love it!


It is a very healthy fruit and highly appreciated in the world, especially for being the main component of chocolate.

Cacao has extensive benefits and is a safe food for children (in moderate quantities).

This superfood is a mood enhancer due to the presence of tryptophan, a stimulant of serotonin or "hormone of happiness".

It also has a wide content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium; important properties for the proper development of muscles and bones.

Regarding the digestive system, it is well known that some kids can have some problems with digestion, and in this matter, cacao can be very supportive thanks to its high fiber content.

Children can consume raw cacao, but they may not like it as much due to its bitter and intense flavor, so it is advisable to sweeten it with honey or yacon syrup!

Chia Seeds

Chia has high levels of protein, high in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, the perfect combo to support the digestive system.

To top it off, chia is also packed with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and more. Which means that this superfood is an excellent source of energy for kids!

“People often wonder if chia seeds should be eaten ground instead of whole. The surface of chia seeds is delicate and easily breaks apart when exposed to moisture, so they are typically prepared with liquid foods (as seen with the recipe ideas below). In this way, they are absorbed and digested well in their whole form, unlike flax seeds. If eating the seeds dry, choosing ground chia seeds may help to improve absorption”. (source)

Its high content of fiber promotes satiety and supports cardiovascular health. It also helps increase stool volume, preventing cancer and diverticulosis.

Camu Camu

Camu camu has a large amount of nutrients that will enhance children's development, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, antioxidants, phosphorus, calcium and iron. It is, above all, a great companion in juices since it gives them a sour and sweet touch that children will love.

It boosts the immune system and promotes bone health thanks to the formation of collagen, favoring the development of blood vessels and tendons. This is because calcium is reinforced by vitamin C.

This tiny berry has a great source of potassium as well, responsible for promoting energy and supporting brain health! 

Camu camu also contains valine, leucine and serine, which are amino acids that support tissue repair and growth, so children will be well protected.

However, the reason we love this powerful superfood is primarily because of its HUGE vitamin C content! (the highest in the world) which is amazing, especially in cases of colds.

Vitamin C promotes the health and functioning of the body, supports the production of collagen, red blood cells and favors the absorption of iron.

Yacon Syrup

Yacón is a Peruvian tuber, rich in antioxidants and potassium. It is known to support heart health and can be consumed at any time of the year; it looks similar to yucca.

According to a study, “yacon is perceived as a functional food because it contains biologically active components that may provide physiological benefits beyond basic nutritional functions to reduce the risk of chronic diseases”

Yacon roots consist mostly of water, which usually exceeds 80% of fresh mass, and carbohydrates, rich in Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), especially 1-kestose (GF2), and nystose (GF3). So is this superfood a good substitute for sugar? It is! 

This superfood also promotes bone health due to its high calcium content that creates and regenerates muscle fibers, preventing fractures. This is great as children are often very playful and can sometimes be injured.

This wonderful superfood can be added to the children's diet in salads, shop it into dishes, add it into smoothies, juices, you can also use yacon syrup for yogurts, cereas, fruit salads or even if you want to sweeten naturally some other foods. The versatility is amazing. 

Just to let you know

It is clear that the health of children is really important. They are the future and they deserve the best food.

That is why when purchasing what is best for them, remember that the quality of the products you get is vital. Natural and organic is always better! Even if your diet is not plant-based.

This list of Peruvian superfoods is wonderful and can inspire you to incorporate healthier options into the diet of the little ones and the whole family!

The guarantee of our products is that they are 100% organic, gluten free, raw and with an incredible purity. Grown in our sacred Peru and delivered directly to your table. Undoubtedly the best option to promote everyone’s well-being and teach children from an early age that healthy eating is crucial for a long life.

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