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Superfoods to Help You De-stress

Superfoods to Help You De-stress

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to diseases, illnesses, and overall poor health conditions people face nowadays. That’s why it’s essential to do whatever is in your power to lower your stress levels and prevent it from wreaking havoc on your entire system. 

Luckily, there are ways you can help yourself, and it all starts with food. They say food can be your medicine, but it can also be your worst toxin. Fast food, high amounts of sugar, and ultra-processed products only increase the stress and inflammation in your body, weakening your immune system even from a very early age, and leaving you at risk for a variety of conditions. 

What you choose to eat is almost entirely in your control, and in addition to focusing on whole and seasonal foods, there are some specific superfoods that can tap into your stress levels and help bring them down. They are mostly known as adaptogens, and their powerful effects have been studied for decades, helping you make a better choice of what to put on your weekly menu.

Stress and Adaptogens

Foods that directly influence stress and help your body deal with it much easier are classified as adaptogens. Adaptogens come from the plant and mushroom world and they contain specific compounds that help your body become better at adapting to stress, anxiety, fast-pace of today’s life, and all of the consequences. 

They exist in all shapes and forms, from powders and tinctures to beverages and even raw, and their powerful active ingredients help bring your entire system back to balance by increasing and decreasing certain chemical reactions in your body. This helps your body cope with stressful situations, deal with anxiety and other nerve-wrecking conditions, and allows you to take a moment to stop and reset. 

Some of the most popular adaptogens on the market are ashwagandha, rhodiola, Asian ginseng (panax), American ginseng, and eleuthero, but there are some powerful Peruvian superfoods that are even more versatile and definitely more delicious. You’ll probably be familiar with all of them, but the chances of you implementing them consistently on a daily basis are slim. Here are three adaptogen superfoods you definitely need to know more about. 

Maca Powder

One of the greatest superfood adaptogens you can add to your daily routine is maca powder. This amazing tuber comes from the high altitudes of Peru and it’s rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other plant compounds that help your body adapt to stress, balance our your hormones, and bring your entire well-being back on track. 

Known for its positive effect on sexual health and women’s menstrual cycles, maca powder has been researched for its ability to lower cortisol levels and fight depression and anxiety. Apparently, this superfood taps into your body’s hypothalamic pituitary gland and balances the so called HPA axis, or the direct line from the pituitary gland to your adrenals, helping manage your body’s response to stress.  

When choosing your source of maca, always make sure it comes from Peru and that there’s as little middle men as possible. The closer to the source, the better. Its rich and nutty taste makes maca the perfect addition to your smoothies, desserts, hot cacao, and even coffee. Just a teaspoon a day will already be plenty and do wonders for your stress levels. 

Some of our favorite recipes include maca curried rice, almond maca butter, and maca protein falafel, showcasing how it’s just as delicious in sweet as in savory dishes. 

Criollo Cacao

Another amazing Peruvian superfood that can positively impact your mood and energy levels, all while directly lowering your stress levels is cacao, and especially Criollo cacao. As one of the highest-quality cacao types in the world, Criollo has more antioxidants than other species, helping your immune system fight off free radicals and their oxidative damage. 

Knowing where your cacao comes from is crucial in order to really reap all the benefits this delicious fruit brings to the table. When sourced from the high altitudes of Peru, you can rest assured you’re getting a plethora of powerful minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and other plant compounds. 

Easy to add into every dessert, smoothie bowl, chia seed pudding, and even to savory dishes, cacao is an extremely versatile superfood that can only improve your health and increase your longevity. Some of our favorite recipes include cacao oats, strawberry-cacao nice cream, chocolate cacao muffins, and cacao granola bars for a delicious and adaptogen source of energy for when you’re on-the-go.   

Ginger Root Powder

Known for its extensive culinary use in Asian delicacies, ginger has been one of the staple ingredients of a variety of world cultures for thousands of years. In addition to being added to meals and drinks, ginger is well known for its therapeutic properties, helping ease nausea, promote better digestion, support your immune system, and help lower stress hormones

Our heirloom ginger powder has been cultivated and sourced directly from Peruvian farms which makes it one of the highest-quality ginger species in the world. It’s incredibly high in many different micronutrients, with an impressive level of antioxidants, helping your body fight oxidative stress, inflammation, and the harmful free radicals. 

We love adding our ginger to broths, tea, soups, stir-fries, smoothies, elixirs, juices, and even desserts. The healthy and powerful spicy kick it brings to the table pairs well with almost anything!

Some of our favorite recipes include lemon and ginger chicken breast, vegan coleslaw with ginger dressing, and ginger cacao coconut butter cups

Final Thoughts

Stress is known as the silent killer because of the way it impacts your physical and mental health, causing chronic inflammation that might seriously impair your quality of life. It’s important to do whatever is in your power to keep your stress levels down, from implementing meditation and journaling into your daily routine to adding powerful Peruvian superfoods into your diet. 

Just a little bit goes a long way with these superfoods, and all it takes is a few weeks of consistent use for you to notice a difference. Start today and improve your stress management to promote overall health and well-being. 

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