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Peruvian Superfoods And Their Unique Health Benefits

Peruvian Superfoods And Their Unique Health Benefits

There is nothing like superfoods from the country of the great PERU. Peru has so many gems hidden within its lush forests, soaring peaks, and flowing rivers. The foods that are native to this country hold a very special place in Peruvian’s hearts.

Peru is home to some of the most extraordinary places, foods and vibrant traditions on earth. The rich culture reflects a diverse community with roots as far back to the Incas. As many who practice Eastern medicine know, there are superfoods from the Incan times that we still consume to this day! On the Coast of Peru, the Amazons, and the Andes Mountains, you can see an abundance of powerful superfoods billowing from the rich soil and diverse climates.  

These regions tell a story which left a legacy of customs and traditions that are still found in modern-day Peru.

One reason why superfoods grow so abundantly in Peru is because the country has 28 of the 32 world climates. (Source)

Peruvian superfoods are known to be vitality boosters. Often known for lowering blood sugar, containing fiber, and being full of a diverse array of useful antioxidants. A 2009 study looked at Peruvian foods and their benefits and the results were all positive!

Some of the most nutrient dense Peruvian superfoods are the exact ones we carry: Maca, Lucuma, Chia seeds, criollo cacao, and Camu Camu.

Take our Maca for example. These roots are brought from all the way up in the Andes mountains. They are first dried for several days by the farmers themselves before they are shipped to the facility for additional drying, cleaning, and grinding. The process is clean and thorough and is part of the reason we chose to partner with this particular company. Not only are they extraordinarily respectful of Maca, but their mission and values align precisely with our own. Their farming practices are clean, organic, and ethical. What we get is an adaptogenic powder that gives us a means to combat stress, increase libido and endurance, and stack our bodies high with needed antioxidants. To support these rural farmers and get to bring their Maca to the U.S is a dream.

Our lucuma is incredibly nutrient dense. There is a reason why lucuma is referred to as Incan Gold—it is a powerful superfood that has been proven to help stabilize blood sugar. This is promising for supporting insulin resistance. The antioxidants and Vitamin C are wonderful skin and a tablespoon even contains a full 3g of fiber!

Then take our Camu Camu for example- WOW the nutritional profile in a single teaspoon is amazing! It is enough (and more!) to cover your Vitamin C needs for the entire day. Peru is home to the food with the most Vitamin C on the planet, yes, Camu Camu!  This Peruvian berry is found in the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest. It thrives in very wet conditions. It’s not something that people can just grow in their backyards like strawberries or blueberries. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make camu camu a powerhouse for preventing age-related diseases. A January 2015 study goes in-depth about the benefits of the Peruvian berry including its significant anti-inflammatory benefits. The camu camu berry is exceptionally versatile in that all parts of it are high in anti-oxidative compounds including the seeds, pulp, and skin. 

Our criollo cacao is the king of all cacao. Most people are familiar with cacao in the form of chocolate. There is a difference, however, between cacao and cocoa. Cacao refers to the tree from which cocoa is derived. The criollo cacao tree is native to South America. Unlike cocoa, cacao is generally not processed (at least it shouldn't be! Be weary of that.) The health benefits of cacao are extraordinary. It has been shown to do just about everything from improving mood to acting as an aphrodisiac. A 2013 study of cacao and cocoa showed that it can support in stabilizing blood sugar. This is attributed to the high level of flavonoids in cacao. The same study goes on to show that some of the compounds in cacao, particularly theobromine, is responsible for improving memory, thinking skills, and important brain functions.

Chia seeds is one that thankfully a lot of Americans know about, but few know that many chia seeds come from beautiful Peru! The main benefit of chia seeds is the high amount of Omega 3s! In fact, gram for gram, Chia Seeds have more Omega 3s than salmon! And people like to think that salmon is the king of Omega 3s! No way. ;)  But the real beauty of chia seeds is the amount of fiber, protein, and magnesium it provides. Oh yes, Chia Seeds are loaded with fiber! In the United States, people have a hard time getting in enough fiber and chia seeds are a low-calorie way to help meet their requirements. Just one ounce of chia seeds contains 11 grams of fiber! Incredible.

And those are just five superfoods from Peru. The list is so long, it is proof that God created this land to be full of nutrient dense abundance, and we hope you get to experience it!


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