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Peruvian Ginger: Benefits of a Superfood

Peruvian Ginger: Benefits of a Superfood

Ginger, also known only in Peru as kion, is the rhizome (underground stem) of a plant, which is characterized by having a particular flavor. It is highly sought in the food industry for giving a spicy flavor to the most diverse dishes.

Besides culinary use, the plant is one of the most widespread natural remedies in the world and with more properties and medicinal applications for different pathologies.

Ginger is one of the most relevant and used species in traditional medicine, by virtue of certain chemical constituents such as gingerol and shogaol, which give it antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic and anticancer properties, among others.

Benefits of Peruvian ginger

  • Ginger offers a unique flavor to foods, but stands out for its healing properties. The compounds gingerols, shogaols, zingerones and the volatile oils present in the ginger plant and root are those responsible for its aroma and flavor, as well as its medicinal properties.
  • The stem promotes better digestion because it supports the secretion of gastric juices, the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux and eliminates the acidity after a heavy meal.
  • The enzymes contained in the ginger stem contribute to the breakdown of proteins, which allows a faster gastric evacuation.
  • It can be used to treat diarrhea or any other alteration of the digestive tract. It could also prevent the appearance of nausea associated with indigestion and intense movement.
  • Ginger can help to reduce coughs, respiratory bronchitis and other respiratory tract infections that are not improving with other treatments.
  • It can help to reduce the swelling caused by local inflammations.
  • Ginger has antiviral properties.
  • Ginger can support your immune system.
  • Ginger can promote libido.

Why Peruvian Ginger

Peruvian ginger is produced mainly in Junín, a region located in the westernmost Peruvian Amazon, where the climate and fertile soils are the perfect environment for its cultivation. This means that the quality of this super root is one of the highest in the world as it is grown organically.

The reason people prefer Peruvian ginger is because of its aroma and flavor; very powerful and spicier than Chinese ginger. In addition, its nutritional content is amazing, making it one of the most popular superfoods.

In Peruvian culture, ginger is highly valued and can actually be found in different areas of the country. Plus, its use is versatile since it is not only used as a medicinal herb, but as an essential staple in homes and Peruvian cuisine in general.

How can I add ginger to my diet?

As we discussed earlier, kion consumed regularly can have great health benefits and there are many ways to add it to your diet.

Kion can be used fresh, dry, in powder or as an oil or extract, and for this reason it is widely used in confectionery for the preparation of cookies and other sweets, as well as an input for processed foods.

Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of ginger for single serve meals such as immune-boosting shots, fresh juices, in homemade dressings, tossed into smoothies, added as a flavor in baking or oatmeal, and as a tea. Enjoy!



Peruvian ginger is not only very beneficial for your health, but it is also delicious and loaded with wonderful properties. There are many ways to add it to your diet and it would not be bad to consume it regularly either in the form of tea, powder or whole.

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