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5 Ways To Keep Your Family's Immune System Up

5 Ways To Keep Your Family's Immune System Up

You know exactly what is going on with this pandemic right now. It is scary, it has changed our lives, and it has gotten this collective society thinking about health in ways that they have never thought about health before.

More than ever, we are shining a spotlight on our immune systems. The protectors of our body! The destroyer of invaders! It is so important to keep our immunity up.

Mothers and Fathers alike now are starting to realize that what is on their family’s plates, what their daily habits are, etc… these are significant in determining how strong one’s immune system can be.

We want to help our kids. We want to help our spouses! How can we give them a leg up? How can we give them an advantage during this time? Let’s dive into that!

Here, we will give you five ways to keep your family’s immune system up during these uncertain times!

  1. Make sure your family is getting enough sun

    Ah, Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin. This is absolutely crucial for our immune systems. The best way to get Vitamin D is free: through the sun! Oh yes, the almighty and powerful sun! We know how easy it can be to stay inside all day but we should not make this our norm.

    Being deficient in Vitamin D can increase chances of getting sick. But also, having adequate levels is enough and getting “more” doesn’t seem to produce even more benefits.

    Things you can do to get more sun:
    -Have your family start off the day on a family walk
    -Eat outside more often

-During “big talks” go outside rather than sitting indoors
-More outside activities
-Make sure skin is exposed to midday sun

2. Start making healthy swaps for dessert recipes

As much as we used to love a traditional cake or cookie recipe, it is time to move onto new times with improved recipes! Improved recipes meaning some swaps are in order!

First thing, sugar is not our friend when it comes to the immune system. Sugar in excess (especially table sugar) can cause inflammation. Chronic inflammation impacts the immune system in a negative way.

Natural sugars and added sugars are very different. You want to start swapping your white sugar for NATURAL sugars.

A perfect example of this is swapping cocoa for cacao. Cacao has tons of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Cocoa cannot even touch that and often has a ton more chemicals and added sugar in it.  Cacao will help your immune system, cocoa will not.

Another thing you can swap sugar for is lucuma. Oh, us Peruvians LOVE lucuma. It is the number one flavor in Peru but more than that- this fruit is a a wonderful sugar and it is low glycemic meaning it will not spike your blood sugar! Imagine your kids eating a brownie sweetened with lucuma and cacao- they will be in better moods than the traditional cocoa and sugar. They will also start to get stronger immune systems when sugar isn’t overloaded onto them.

Natural sugars are just that- natural. Lucuma is considered a natural sugar. Natural sugars are naturally occurring in earth’s whole foods and come in things like fruit. Often with added fiber.

You know how parent’s are able to disguise “healthy foods” into sweet dishes? Well, now you can play upon healthy foods in sweet dishes! Meaning they are so good you don’t need to disguise them AND they are great for the immune system. Win win!

3. Get in as many phytochemicals as possible

Plants, plants, plants! Green, green, green! It does a body GOOD. You want to make sure that your whole family is getting in a ton of fruits and vegetables as phytochemicals (found in whole foods) have been shown to help the immune system.

A great goal would be to make it so that half of their plate (you, your kid’s, your spouse’s) is vegetables. You will be quick to learn that cooking with vegetables can be so fun and invites a whole new pallet of tastes for your family!

The biggest thing to know about phytochemicals is that they act as antioxidants which help to mop up free radical damage within the body! Antioxidants can help strengthen the immune system, so eat up!

4. Take Camu Camu every single day

Make this a routine and thank yourself later! Seriously, camu camu holds so much power. Camu Camu is a tiny berry from Peru that is magnificent for the immune system. All the Vitamin C you need in one single day can be achieved just by taking one teaspoon a day. One teaspoon gets you over 1000% of your daily Vitamin C needs. Camu Camu is revered as one of the food with the MOST Vitamin C, to scale, in it within the entire planet.

Old school thinking says that a glass of orange juice a day is going to help our immune system. But the truth is… that’s not the truth. ;) Instead opt for some camu camu thrown into a low sugar (veggie heavy juice) or disguise it into a smoothie. Camu Camu gives you 60X more Vitamin C than an orange!

The nutritional profile of camu camu is impressive. What’s amazing is that you get so much bang for your buck and there is no sugar and such a little bit goes a long way! The downside of something like orange juice is that it has so much sugar in it. Not so with Camu Camu!

Camu Camu comes alongside so many vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. It really goes to work for the body and can be so good for strengthening your family’s immune system.

Another thing you can try is mixing into camu camu into a homemade dressing- especially a citrus one! It tastes great and the kids would never know!

5. Get more exercise

We live in a sedentary world these days, so we MUST do what we can do to get moving- and often! We know the computer and phone and tv is constantly calling, but unless we are checking these things on a walking treadmill, chances are we aren’t moving while doing so.

To improve the strength of our family’s immune system, we must get up and MOVE.

Did you know that engaging in moderate (and consistent) exercise may be able to help immune cells regenerate regularly? It also can help reduce inflammation!

regular, moderate exercise may reduce inflammation and help your immune cells regenerate regularly.

Brisk cycling, walking, jogging, yoga and more can make a difference each week. Scientifically, to really make a difference we would need about 150 minutes per week.

So get out and enjoy the day, multiple times a week! We mean, always enjoy the day… but often do so while breaking at least a minor sweat.

P.S Look into ginger for immune system health too. ;) Trust us. It’s powerful.

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