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3 Superfoods Every Vegan Needs

3 Superfoods Every Vegan Needs

We are all about lifting up our Vegan community. 

Vegans do a lot of great things for the world and can be some of the healthiest individuals on the planet- however, there are certain nutrients they need to make up from not eating meat. Or rather, nutrients than Vegans skew towards being deficient in when we look at the collective as a whole.

Now, we aren’t an entire supermarket of superfoods. But we are a high-quality market for a handful of them. Peruvian gold, to be exact. Our superfoods are grown in high elevations and lush microclimates. We honor sustainable and traditional growing and harvesting practices and what this means for you is- a darn good product that has efficacious nutrients.

Three of these we highly, highly recommend Vegans take. They are also so fun to play around with so versatile, so even if a Vegan is not deficient in one of these things, it’s still an “add” to fuel your body!

Vegans are often deficient in iron: Take Criollo Cacao

Awww yes. Vegans are so used to hearing “You need more iron!”

So, the BEST source of plant-based iron? CACAO. Yes, Cacao has more plant-based iron than anything!

Like all non-heme iron (all plant based irons are non-heme) you need to combine it with a vitamin C to maximise absorption. (We like pairing ours with our Camu Camu, more natural Vitamin C than anything on earth! Another record breaker out of Peru!)

By the way, Cacao may even help with heart health and healthy immune response. (Source)

Plan of action: 1 teaspoon of Criollo Cacao a day with some Camu Camu!

Vegans are often deficient in Omega 3s: Take Chia Seeds

Keep in mind here: There are three different kinds of Omega 3s: ALA, EPA, and DHA. All of them are important.

Vegans gravitate toward chia seeds not just for satiety and versatility in which they can use, but to maximise on their Omega 3 ALA consumption. Chia seeds in general are packed with a variety of nutrients.

Chia seeds also have some iron in them but one cool thing about chia seeds in the Vegan world is that they make a FANTASTIC egg replacer. You simply put one tablespoon of chia seeds to 3 tablespoons of water, mix it up and let it sit a few minutes!

Plan of action: Try to get in 2 tablespoons of chia seeds a day

Vegans are often deficient in energy: Take Maca

Alright, so this is not a nutrient (obviously) but we had to say it this way because it’s a HUGE thing that many Vegans deal with. Low energy. And it does not have to be that way. Okay, so it’s more the “junk food” Vegans who are deficient in energy. Many switch from a meat diet over to a heavily processed Vegan diet. It’s okay! They are on their way, but it’s not until nuts and seeds and legumes and other superfoods lead that way until they gain some energy back.

Maca is wonderful for energy. In Peru, for thousands of years Maca has been looked at as a food that helps you stand strong, with more endurance and stamina. This is because Maca has adaptogenic effects on the body- making it so it can help bring the body into balance: mainly with stress and endurance.

One teaspoon a day can have positive cognition effects and as well physical effects on the body. In fact, many purists use maca as a pre-workout! Vegan protein is also something to pay attention to and both chia seeds and maca have a good amount of protein, to scale!

Plan of action: One teaspoon of Maca a day!

Is there a Vegan’s superfood powder?

Not yet! Or a Peruvian superfoods powder blend at least. What you can do is DIY your own at home! Combine 30 servings at a time of cacao, camu camu, and maca. You can scoop it into anything! Especially chia seed pudding. ;)

Vegan multivitamin: Needed?

You can totally do a Vegan multivitamin but of course you should do your ultimate best to get as many vitamins as you can from your diet. The body prefers whole, real food!

Which are you trying first?

Do any of these superfoods seem like they could fit seamlessly into your Vegan diet?


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